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According to their website, Glenmary Home Missioners were founded in 1939 to help establish, expand, and sustain a Catholic presence in parts of rural America not otherwise effectively represented.  Glenmary's presence in Arkansas is now largely complete, but for decades the priests, brothers,

and other missionaries of this order served many different communities well until they became incorporated into the Diocese of Little Rock.

Several Glenmary priests served the Monticello area, the last two, Fathers Dan Dorsey and Chet Artysiewicz, have served as the past two presidents of the Glenmary order.  Father Dan helped secure the original St. Mark Church and associated educational facility, while Father Chet was the driving force behind the fundraising and construction of the current church. 

Father Chet Artysiewicz welcomes a new Catholic through the Holy Sacrament of baptism

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